Finished high school - now what?

Posted: 1st Jan

We know that finishing high school can be daunting and 2020  has been a hard year for everyone. For those who are preparing for the next step in their adult life, it can be even more challenging.

Foundation Learning Centre has always been a leader in community education, and it continues to be at the forefront of supporting youth and those that may have no idea what comes next and may need help with planning and information.

For young adults who may find navigating further education and employment challenging, we are proud to offer a new program that will give them the necessary skills to assist with this.

Take The Next Step – Year 13, is a pre-accredited program that will reconnect them with training, skills and move them forward to a pathway of their choosing.

Whether they are a recent school leaver, or have been wanting to reconnect and resume their journey, this could be the answer for them.

This program has been developed with the young adult in mind.  The Take The Next Step Program will -

  • Build their confidence and self esteem
  • Give them the skills to be Job ready for entry into the workforce
  • Give them the skills to be financially informed for adult life
  • Provide taster programs that give a real insight for further study and work
  • Provide outcomes to step into a variety of industries

To register for a place, please go to our online portal .


Please email for enrolment information.