Get head hunted for your next job.

Posted: 2nd Jun

Have you ever been head hunted for a job?  It's so exciting to learn that someone wants YOU to apply for a particular job or offer you a job. 

How does that happen?  Well first of all you need to be out there!  By that we mean, you need to let employers know you are looking for new opportunities.  And then you need to make sure they can learn as much about your work history.

Out of all the social media platforms that are out there, the most often used for head-hunting future staff is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a great networking tool and used by most professionals to link with other professionals in the same industry or field of work. 

What if you are not a professional?  Maybe you’re a labourer, tradesperson, technician or you are just looking for your first job.  Where can employers find you? 

In the last communication sent (view here) we showed you HOW to get your resume on Casey Cardinia Jobs: AirCV.  So if you have your resume on AirCV - now you need to ACTIVATE it.  Only then can an employer see your resume and contact you directly! 

So get yourself online now - UPLOAD and ACTIVATE your AirCV today.