Where is your resume?

Posted: 13th May

So if you took my advice last week, you will have updated your resume and probably saved it on your computer, a USB or somewhere in the cloud ie. Dropbox, Google Drive etc. 

But did you know you can store it as your own personal URL?  That makes it super easy when applying for a job on your smartphone!  You just copy your personal resume URL into the field where you would normally upload your resume. 

You can create your own personal resume URL on the Casey Cardinia Jobs Portal.   What does your resume look like when it is opened by the employer or recruiter?  Well, it looks something like this:

Snapshot view                                                 Timeline view


So easy to read!  Which is what you want when you send your resume in to an employer.  These easy to read formats are sure to put you in the "look into further" pile, instead of the "reject" pile, as long as you have the main skills and qualifications that they are looking for.

So go ahead and upload your resume and see how good you look.  It’s a simple 4 step process and if your resume is ready to upload it shouldn't take more than five minutes.  Give it a go!

Go to https://www.caseycardiniajobs.com.au/upload-air-cv  (it will ask you to sign it first) and follow the instructions.

I'll be back next week to tell you how to get 'head hunted' !!!


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