When was the last time you updated your Resume?

Posted: 28th Apr

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Most of us will only update our resume when we are about to apply for a job, and its usually done in a rush.  But if you have time on your hands during Coronavirus, why not do it now?

A master resume is always handy to have ready to use when needed.

What is a master resume, I hear you ask? 

It is the resume that lists ALL your schooling, training, work experiences, work history, volunteering, referees, job highlights, awards etc. etc. It also includes as much detail as possible, such as dates, employer details, achievements etc.  

I don't need to tell you, but when applying for a job, you need to prepare a unique resume and cover letter for that particular job.  The employer or recruiter doesn't want to see a whole lot of irrelevant information and employment history.  So using your master resume, you copy and paste the relevant bits into your 'job specific' resume.  

So, why not get cracking on getting that Master Resume this week.  I'll come back next week and tell you where you can upload it and be ready for when that ideal job comes your way.

Stay safe and active.